Benefits of Installing a Security Camera

Are you unsure if you should install a security camera? There are various options including IP cameras at In fact, there are several benefits of installing a security camera in or around your home or office including the following ones:

  1. Hidden surveillance

Some of the today’s IP cameras are so small you can hide them in pictures, plants, frames, and so on. This allows you to capture video without intruders being aware their activities are being captured. This is a surprise factor that can boost the chance of capturing people before they can do their malicious actions.


That’s one of the benefits of the improvement of surveillance camera tech over the years. As the tech has improved the cameras have gotten smaller. One of the biggest developments has been wireless tech, which has improved significantly in recent years. This makes it a cinch to install the cameras just about anywhere. Since they don’t include wires it hides their presence even better.


  1. Settling conflicts

Another benefit of surveillance cameras is they can be used to help settle disputes whether they’re domestic or professional. The reason is that you’ll have solid evidence of the actions of your family members or company employees. This is important because it will make it easier for you to make decisions about such conflicts.


  1. Less stress

Sometimes it can be stressful to know what’s going on in your home or office. However, IP security cameras can help to provide instant video feeds so you can monitor activities. That, in turn, can give you peace of mind because you won’t have to worry about what’s going on.


  1. Prevent crime

This is one of the top benefits of installing an IP security camera at your home or office. One option is to also add a sign at the entrance or in your retail store to inform potential criminals that the area is secured by video cameras.


Whether the camera is installed in or around the facility it can help to prevent crime. For example, you could conceal the camera outside your home or business in order to catch potential intruders on video. This can help to spot them before they even try to enter the building. In the case that they’re able to do that you’ll also have evidence of their criminal activity. In fact, police departments or federal agents can match up captured photos with their face recognition database.


  1. Live feeds

IP security cameras also give you the ability to access live feeds of your home or office. This allows you to view what’s going on in the building at any given time. You can also access the footage whether you’re on the other side of town or the world.

  1. Collects evidence

This is a key benefit whether or not someone is able to commit a crime. If they do you’ll be able to capture evidence in the form of their face and actions. However, even if they don’t succeed in their criminal activities you’ll also have evidence that they attempted to commit a crime. While this isn’t as serious in terms of the law they can still be prosecuted based on an attempt to rob your home or business, for example.


It’s always important to collect the strong evidence possibly in order to build a case against an alleged criminal. In the past images of surveillance cameras were often pixelated, which often caused problems when the images were used as evidence. However, you can even find IP surveillance cameras today that includes 4K ultra high definition (UHD) resolution. This helps to make the images crystal clear.